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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Graffiti Alphabet 3D Full Color

Graffiti alphabet 3d full color

Every day, each time through the road, once the time your eyes may never tempted looking colorful graffiti spray paint on the wall next to the empty, stop, power pole, wall of iron, to a mini metro bus body. Noise can be various, ranging from just the name of a school authority bus routes along the route, a claim to the government, to any posts equipped with image design and composition of the color complex.

Scratches that divided the two graffiti (graffiti) and the mural (painting). Attendance also have two meanings, embellish or even considered draggle scene. Evidence, painting murals of the artist in the competition five years ago is removed DKI Jakarta Regional Government.

Conversely in Yogyakarta, both the paper so that it is not integral part of the city. "Jakarta must be recognized as a place to grow flowers and graffiti murals. There is much more developed than other cities," a graffiti artist who is also the owner Bandung distro new graffiti. Meanwhile, in Jakarta during the road Jakarta, I have noted at least some graffiti artists who create graffiti bomb diligent or create their works around the walls of muddy capital.

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