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Friday, February 5, 2010

Banksy Graffiti History | Biography Graffiti Artist Banksy In The Book

Banksy Graffiti History
Banksy Graffiti history | biography graffiti artist Banksy in the book. Graffiti Street Art: 3D street graffiti

Writing a biography Banksy Graffiti can be a challenge, given that his true identity remains a mystery. However, this is what we know about Britain's most famous graffiti artist: Originally from Bristol, Banksy's stencils have become very popular throughout the UK and subversive images can be seen on the walls daubed all over the world.

Many of Banksy Graffiti art images have been moved from public walls and into private collections in the form of limited edition prints. This often produces a large number of auction houses like Christies and Bonhams. Even Banksy works that remain on the wall has been sold at auction, with some of the dismantled. A house in Bristol Banksy art is also sold out as "a work of art with an attached house 'through a real estate agent.

Banksy is designed to cover Blur's 'Think Tank'. He also drew large media attention through a variety of stunts aimed at the establishment. This includes Banksy prints hanging in London's Tate Modern and the New York Museum of Modern Art. In 2005 his version of primitive cave painting depicting a human figure hunting wildlife while pushing a shopping trolley was found hanging in the British Museum.

Other stunts done by Banksy, including painting pictures on the Palestinian side of Israel's West Bank barrier. He also replaced modified version of Paris Hilton's CD at some record store. This CD has become so charged. Despite receiving much media attention the real Banksy's identity remains a cause of much debate.

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