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Saturday, November 12, 2011

4 Tagging Letters Styles: Graffiti Alphabet A-Z

4 Tagging Letters Styles: Graffiti Alphabet A-Z. This is a graffiti tagging alphabet letters from Germany. Combat graffiti tagging letters from Bombing Science. with the rules "Tag each letter of the alphabet with pencil, pen, marker". The following is the fourth in graffiti tag letters choose from 50 image:
1. Tag A-Z style KNOWME. Got a very basic, but effective tag style. His alphabet letters are simple but got continuous “quality”.

2. Havok graffiti tagging letters: has a very good marker control; his alphabet keeps a solid quality from beginning to the end

3. Hopes calligraphy graffiti fonts: The letters are very nice and creative; the alphabet got a solid quality from beginning to the end; the complete work builds an own harmonic artwork.

4. Graffiti alphabets PROPER. I guess PROPER used a small brush pen to get this effect which reminds me of the look of fat cap tags. Letters are interesting and got flow. Source: bombingscience

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