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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3D Graffiti Alphabet Bubble Green Expression

3D Graffiti Alphabet Bubble Green Expression

Grafiiti green bubble is very beautiful. colors such as green rice fields in the scene. Green graffiti bubble is mixed with tribal graffiti appearing in the middle. There are a variety of media to create graffiti. one of them: Instead of as an act of vandal, graffiti, murals, Tagging, and so is the freedom of expression. However, freedom of expression at this time still dominated by the berduit, which is able to buy a place to shed creativity. Meanwhile, street artists, have secretly or even romp with the apparatus only to create. "Artists who clearly make the paper in a private place was burned aja apparatus, let alone the street art work in public space," it is in New Graffiti, how about you?

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