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Friday, July 24, 2009

Create Digital Graffiti Alphabet Bubble Ghost Green With CorelDraw

Create Digital Graffiti Alphabet Bubble Ghost Green With CorelDraw

The Tutorial is that I bring, making graffiti alphabet with the application CorelDraw, I deliberately use CorelDraw. Reason for this is because the vector, which does not have image distortion even though only bigger. Tutorial:
At first we need a rectangle that will be used as the base.
Press F6 on the keyboard to make it directly. Here I make the size 368 x 234 pixels.

Then I use elispe tool by pressing F7 on your keyboard to make the
an ellipse with size 43 x 51 px.
  1. Perform duplicate ellipse with copy ago ctrl + c ctrl + v paste in the same place.
  2. After that, outside the square, make a rectangle (free size). Then, the rectangle has been created in earlier put on the ellipse of the earlier copy.
  3. In both cases selected. Make trim (front minus back). So that the result like this, after fill given in white.
  4. With the Transparency tool, do Find transparency, to be like this. then do the no 1 of 2 times. this is in use to give the effect of dark green ghost graffiti bubble.
  5. Larger one of the ellipse of yesteryear. then do the trim, as in step 3.
  6. Then with the Transparency tool, do the transparency on the Find 3D graffiti alphabet bubble is green ghost.
  7. After that, get rid of its outline by selecting the object to be removed outline, and then click the icon like the image below:
  8. Then, make a elipse with size 6 x 6 pixels. Give color fill color white. After that give shadow effect, by selecting the interactive drop shadow tool, this shadow will be used as the reflection of white light later.
  9. Give the drop shadow colornya white, and drop shadow opacity 86 percent.
  10. Then make a return ellipse with size 43 x 51 pixels. Give fillcolor white.
  11. Then, create a return ellipse with the size 50 x 51 pixels. Ellipse to the two in this place under the previous ellipse.
  12. Make trim (front minus back) on the ellipse so that the two be like this. Then give transparency of 68 persen. Results very satisfying to make your wallpaper.BOOM.

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